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thepossiblyfakejoshawott asked: I wonder how long it will take people to realise that KODANSHA Comics can only publish manga that belong to KODANSHA? Simple solution for followers: Look up the series you're thinking of on a website like Wikipedia and see which company published it in Japan - if it's Kodansha, it's okay.

Heh. It’s completely fine— when I was new to manga, I never knew about the different Japanese publishers either. It didn’t seem relevant to me to remember which Japanese company the manga I was reading came from, especially not when it came to asking for new licenses. Then again, back when I got into manga, publishers weren’t as exclusive as they are now, I feel…

If fans are tired of seeing Asks about non-Kodansha manga, I encourage you to get Tumblr Savior and have it block our tag “Not A Kodansha Manga”. (We also have another spammy tag, “We Don’t Do License Rescues”.) I realize it can be annoying for fans who do understand these differences to keep seeing us replying to fans who don’t, but just remember— we were all there once! Everybody’s gotta learn sometime. ;)

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