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hay45h1 asked: Hi! I just got Attack on Titan 5 and I saw that the name of my favorite character ハンジ has been officially romanized as Hange, so I'd like to ask how to pronounce this (as the katakana would be pronounced "hanji" or "hanzi")? (I'm going to cosplay her and I want to make sure I introduce myself properly XD) I'm also curious in general about how the editors decide what romaji to use for Western names originally written in katakana, and if the original mangaka's approval is involved.

Attack on Titan names are somewhat flavored German, so if you can pronounce “Hange” like the Germans would (“Hahnj”? It’s the German word for “hang.”), that would probably be correct.

Though if you want to pronounce it like it’s spelled in katakana (Han-ji), that would probably be correct too! There’s a lot of room for interpretation on this one, because while there are certain names that we know for sure*, Hange isn’t so clear cut. Basically, Japanese gets kinda weird when they try to write German names in katakana (I had a friend whose last name “Ziegler” became “Jiiguraa” to our Japanese teacher. xD), so we made our best educated guess. Here are some tweets from the editor about that (1 2).

*Like Levi. It’s on the manga-ka’s blog, so sorry to all you Ravioli fans. ;P He’s named after the kid preacher from Jesus Camp.

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