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Look how fab this Titan is…

We have taken to calling it the Fabulous Titan around the office.


Look how fab this Titan is…

We have taken to calling it the Fabulous Titan around the office.

rzetlin asked: Do Kodansha handle direct distribution of digital manga in Canada? Your titles are missing in iTunes and Google Play. At Kobo, some of your titles are missing like UQ Holder Volume 1, Genshiken: Second Season Volume 4, Love Hina Omnibus 5, Shugo Chara! Volumes 3 to 6, etc. Canadians do not have access to Nook - an American book store. There is an opportunity for Kodansha to improve on its digital manga distribution in Canada.

Kodansha doesn’t handle any of its distribution directly. We’re distributed through Random House, so anywhere that has access to Random House books or ebooks also has access to our stuff.

Thanks for pointing out the missing Kobo books. We’re having our ebook team go through the Kobo books and fix any that didn’t get fed out correctly.

And our books aren’t distributed through Google Play anywhere yet. Hopefully soon.

Anonymous asked: Can you explain what caused the shift in American manga publishers going from startups and branches of American publishing houses, to the current landscape where most are subsidiaries of the Japanese publishing companies? I would imagine this setup would make it easier to get approvals on things like cover design, but do you feel like there are any drawbacks? Less autonomy maybe?

There are absolutely no drawbacks to working at a subsidiary. ;)

patzz1314 asked: Is there any chance or possibility that shingeki no kyojin would become a weekly shounen? I love the anime/manga so much! And I and thankful for its existence, but to me waiting a month after a release is process filled with anxiety.

Keep in mind, chapters of weekly series tend to be much shorter than the average Attack on Titan chapter (around 50 pages). So I doubt Isayama would want to change the entire structure of the manga just to do it weekly. (Plus, why would Bessatsu Shonen Magazine want to give up its biggest hit?)

Anonymous asked: Hello. In my country I can't find any of Kodansha manga to buy, actually it is rare to find and buy manga. So where can I buy any of Kodansha books? I mean, do you have a site and do you sell your translated books there? Or something like that? I hope you help me, have a nice day.

I know there can be additional costs associated with finding our manga outside the U.S. and Europe, but it is possible. One relatively cheap option is, which offers free shipping to most countries. Good luck!

kaayaya asked: Hi Kodansha, would you please release "Koe no Katachi / A Silent Voice" ? It has 4 or 5 volumes and is finished in Japan I believe. It's also published by Kodansha ! Waiting for your answer. Thanks. :)

I have good news for you! We announced the license to A Silent Voice at Anime Expo a few weeks ago. The first volume is coming out in spring 2015.


Attack on Titan Episode 11 - Saturday at 11:30p

Come for Pixis’s kickass speech. Stay for Titans eating even more people.

Anonymous asked: I really love Gintama, but when I read Viz's "translation" of the manga, I felt really sick. Can you please when you translate a manga that's very Japanese, keep away from westernize it? Also, translations on signs, clothes etc. feels so wrong, if one want to translate them can one do that as a translator's note underneath the panel, I like that so much better! Much more comfortable to read!

Many of our editions have copious translation notes. The one that comes most readily to mind is Genshiken, a series where we don’t change any of the references, no matter how obscure. We also leave the Japanese sound effects in for most of our series, though Viz does not. I feel I have to stick up Viz a little bit here, though, since translation is highly subjective, and what you like may not be the same as what other readers like. Providing English-only sound effects is a totally valid choice, since it preserves the composition of the page much better (we do it for some of our series).

There are always pros and cons, and you will never get a translation that is 100% perfect in the eyes of 100% of readers.

sailormoonfan224 asked: What exactly happened to del-ray? They went under and you bought them out?

No. Del Rey decided to shut down their manga imprint, and later Kodansha decided to start its own comics imprint in the United States. Though there is a little staff overlap since our production and distribution is still handled in the Random House building, the two business entities are totally unrelated. Kodansha Comics did not buy out Del Rey Manga and we did not automatically get any of the licenses they held. That means we have to start from square one, contract-wise, if we want to rescue a Del Rey Manga series (which is why we don’t do it much anymore).

rzetlin asked: Do you plan to release your digital manga onto iTunes Canada?

Our books are in the iBookstore. I’m not sure if they’re available in Canada, though. If you’re having trouble finding them in the iBookstore proper, I recommend reading via the iPad/iPhone apps available from Kindle, Nook, or Kobo.


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